Quieting the mind isn't easy...
And the hectic pace of our lives is why we crave it more than ever.
I'm so ready! Give me my journal prompts!
Would you like to be more present, positive and creative? A journaling practice may be just what you need!

Have you ever moved something from yesterdays "to-do" list to today's? Feel that anxiety increase?I know for me, if I just grab coffee and dive right into the tasks of the day, it doesn't take long before they seem to overtake me, and it feels awful.  I feel stressed and my patience may run thin... Just me, or do you know the feelings I am talking about?

Stressed and snappy does make connecting with others all that easy, right?

I am passionate about helping leaders connect with themselves and build quality relationships in business and life.  That is true abundance!

That's why I became a fan of jotting down thoughts of gratitude in the morning.  ( you may choose to write at night or lunchtime!)  I add in some prayers and sometimes write what I desire as if it's already here.  

I have noticed a much calmer start to my day, I am more focused and , I honestly feel I am kinder to myself since I started this journaling practice years ago.

 when you are kinder to yourself, it's easier to be kind to others!

If you're new to journaling or if you've been writing daily for years, there will be days when the page seems dauntingly  empty, and your mind is drifting to the never-ending to-do list.

That's when you need a focusing tool, like a simple prompt to get your mind and your creative energy into a flow that you can carry throughout your day.

Maybe you need a spark to get you flowing on a story for content creation, like a blog, or a presentation...  These prompts can boost you in a right direction.

You might be surprised at how awesome you are at this! 

Enjoy your journey!  I'd love to hear how your practice is helping you! 
e mail me!  Sandra@SandraDeeRobinson.com