Free Coaching Day
Embrace Your Hidden SUPERPOWER
so you can step into your Unbridled Life

Friday  November 20th,  2020
10am Central / 11am Eastern
This class will not go over 3 hours
Saddled with self-doubt?

Discover how the power of INTUITION can help you identify and understand your CALLING, then through that clarity, enable you to break free and step into your Unbridled Life.

You've already got what it takes! You simply need someone to help you awaken your gifts, to champion your desires, to help you achieve clarity with your CALLING toward work that can be purposeful and have meaning. Let me inspire and support you as you transform your career, your goals, your relationships, and your life.

If you're ready to take the next step, enroll today.

Your breakthrough awaits.

I invite you to sign up for my Free Coaching Day.


I took the class with Sandra because I really was needing to sharpen my intuition skills to help me discover more about my calling or purpose for my life. Sandra's explanation and coaching skills really helped me to rethink the direction of my purpose and rewire my thought process of believing that I can do this and not to doubt myself no matter what I face in my life. She is top notch! Thank you Sandra! 

--Stacey Marie Kline , founder Inspire Me Studio, Radio Show host.

It really has been an awakening for me to tune back into my intuition, remembering to ask and how to ask for what I need, listen so I can receive, and naming my fear keeps it more manageable.  

 -- Gretchen K Kaveney ..  CEO Profit Plus