Elderly Years 

This past week was my Mom’s 90th Birthday. I went back to my hometown of Pittsburgh to visit and have a small celebration. I just couldn’t resist asking her to reflect on her 90 years on this planet and describe her life….

Well, if you are expecting one of those Hallmark card-type stories that make you all fuzzy inside, you might be surprised and even a bit disappointed by her answer; profound or loving, it certainly was not. But, if you have ever heard my personal story, you may already know that my mother is programmed a bit differently from most people. So, while her actual answer is not something to write about, I was able to distance myself from her response and I found I was latched on to the concept of looking back at our lives, from where we are now. While we can still make adjustments! After all, even a small shift can create profound change!

I, like you, I am sure, want to have a reflection in my elderly years full of richness, and abundance of relationships, contribution, love, gratitude and, God-willing, many extraordinary blessings!

What do you want your life to look like at 90?

Would you like to do something today to take a step towards creating that best version of your 90 year-old-self? If you can get a really clear picture in your mind, we can create a tension that will pull you toward that very scene! It can possibly be working in your subconscious to assist you in current day decision-making so that your ideal, awesome 90-year-old self really will be what you imagine!

Here’s what I would do:

Sit quietly.

Picture myself at 90.

Where am I?

Who surrounds me?

Get as sensory as you can here. In other words, fill every sense in your imagination with the scene… not just what you see, but what you smell, hear, feel.

Once you are really clear and engaged in the sights and sounds of this moment as if it is happening to you right now, pull yourself OUT of the picture. So now you are not in the experience, but watching it, as if on a TV screen. This is a very important thing to do because this actually creates that tension I mentioned that will be like a rubber band, pulling you toward that image you’ve created. I have done this, and that image of me at my oldest (that was how I did it, initially, but age 90 works, too!) is still so clear. I have manifested a few things in my vision already! My ranch, my home looks like the one in that vision! And my programs I am developing are congruent with what I saw back then when I did this visualization process.

The mind is a powerful creative instrument. Imagine your ultimate life at 90 like this, then take some steps toward that vision!

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