OvercomeRight about now, your New Year’s resolutions may be becoming a struggle. Is this normal?

Despite what curiosity did to the proverbial cat, I do let it lead me down rabbit holes (kind of a nerdy adrenaline rush). So, I dove into researching resolutions and the average length of time we stay dedicated to them.

My rationalization for this distraction in my day was that when we stay on track for a goal, we feel better, have more confidence and this can have a positive residual effect in more areas of our life than just the one for which we set the goal!

Positivity is charismatic, and so, that lead me to…

 “Quitter’s Day?”

It seems Strava,  a social network for athletes out of the UK analyzed over 31.5 million global activities and discovered that Jan 12th is the fateful day when our resolutions start to falter.    It was actually dubbed “Quitters Day”.

If you’ve made it past the 12th, congrats!

If you didn’t don’t worry.  You can always regroup and begin again!

The truth is, if you want to beat the odds (only 46 percent of folks keep resolutions for more than 6 months), the key to success is

  1. Engulfing your goals with positive emotion.
  2. Visit that emotion-associated goal daily.


Here are 5 ways to boost your success

  • Hang a Visual Display of the Goals: If you resisted doing a vision board, it will be easier to resist your goals. It’s never too late to assemble a visual reminder and place it within sight. (Hey, your closet is ok, IF you actually lay eyes on it there.) Choose images that evoke emotion within you. To be effective, they should stir you up a bit!
  • Treat Yourself to a Glory Board: As you succeed in your goals from your vision boards, move them to a Success Board and place it where you see regularly. This is to remind yourself that you get things done, you are awesome.  Refuel your will power by looking at what you have already accomplished!
  • Jot in a Success Journal: I met a woman that told me about her separate journal just for her wins.  I love this idea. Combine it with the Glory Board for a double whammy of will power boost.  Even if you are not a writer, it feels good to look at a list of successes.  Try it every month, week, or even every night!
  • Take a Virtual Tour: (If you aren’t much for writing this may work for you) Find a few minutes of quiet daily.  If you meditate or pray in the morning, that’s a perfect time to add this!  Close your eyes and allow your imagination to take over.  Create that image of your goal attained and then add in all the sensory experience you can.  What does it feel like to reach that goal?  Are you admired? Confident? Free?  What does it look like?  Are their sounds associated with this vision?  Stay there and enjoy.  Believe it is already here.
  • Go on an Experience Journey: If you can “visit” a representation of one of your goals, do it!  If you dream of a new car, whatever it is, find one and snap a picture of yourself with it.  Maybe sit in the driver’s seat.  Choose your favorite color on the lot.  Or, if you dream of moving your family to a new home.  Have coffee or lunch in that neighborhood.  Go to your future park, or schools and get associated with it as though you are a local already.  Take pictures (add to the vision board). Got the idea?

By choosing one, or all, of these suggested processes you build a toolbox to keep you from succumbing to temporary frustration or disappointment

“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.” 
Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Everything you need to succeed is already within your reach.  Our biggest obstacle is our mindset most of the time, and, great news, we have the power to change that!  By keeping our goals strongly associated to positive emotions in our minds, we can stay on track.


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