Earth DayStocking up bottled water for the office as the weather warms up? No big deal… right?

I invite you to reconsider!  As a leader in your business you have the ability, and some might say, the responsibility to influence for good, and the ripple effect can spread father than you may realize.

For example, last year I stayed at a lovely Bed and Breakfast in Fredericksburg, TX and I was pleasantly surprised to see the owners supplied water in the room in reusable ceramic bottles (dishwasher safe).   No plastic waste!  Not only did I instantly think of their business in a favorable, forward-thinking light, but I doubled down on my personal commitment to avoid purchasing water bottles, and now nearly always travel with my trusty metal refillable container.  (Plane travel included, as most airports now have “water stations”!)

Still think, “meh,” if I buy a case it’ can’t be that big of a deal?  Did you know….

  • It takes up to 1,000 years for every single bottle of water to decompose.
  • It takes three times the amount of water in a bottle of water to make it as it does to fill it.

The statistics go on and on, but I’ll stop because you may already be thinking the problem is bigger than us… what’s the use? How can we possibly make a difference?

In other words, “Some good news, please?”

Earth DayHere you go: By using a reusable water bottle, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually!

Multiply that by each employee in your business and it’s not insignificant at all.  You may even influence your customers as well as those you employ to make some changes in their home lives, too.

There’s the positive ripple effect.

If your company culture includes innovative thinking, your values reflect conservation of resources and compassion for people and the environment, then you can begin today to make a huge difference by adopting a reusable water bottle policy.

Earth day can be every day.  Start a ripple today.

What are you doing in your home or business that honors a healthier world?  #InspireUs


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