How Gratitude Can Bring a Breakthrough

Where in your life would you like to see a breakthrough?  Did you know, whether it’s a relationship, your health, your career or finances, simple gratitude may be the fastest way to reframe perspective on life circumstance?

Most people are familiar with the common phrase, “Attitude adjustment”.  Used in reference to (usually) someone that we feel could benefit from a different perspective on a given situation. If you’ve ever said this, it was in love, I’m sure. 😉

Rarely do we have the self-awareness to apply this phrase to our personal outlook.  What if we took the challenge to do just that?

Gratitude is more than  Thanksgiving Card rhetoric.  It is a precious key to open the windows to a higher view and reveal what is possible.

Whatever you are seeking, there are opportunities all around.  However, we are often unable to see them.

For anyone who might be curious about how make our mind work for them (like me), here’s a  simple description of how your mind is guided by gratitude:

Our brain has a reticular activating system (RAS).  This  system controls how we sort through the 10,000 bits of sensory information that we receive at any given moment in our day  (without it, we would be paralyzed with confusion).   This is why coaches say, “what you focus on you will achieve.”   You literally tell your brain what to choose in the onslaught of information coming to you. (Ever decide to buy a particular car and then suddenly see that car everywhere you look?  That’s your RAS at work).

When you tell your brain to focus on what you are grateful for, you are literally training your mind to look for things that are in alignment with what you desire to have more of   Scan the world with that determined focus  and opportunities seem to come out of nowhere.

It takes practice!

There are days when I start my “gratitude list” simply.  Really simple, like, “I am grateful for my ability to breath air.”    Then, realize, that’s not such a simple thing to many people.  My gratitude increases.

I find prompts are helpful to go a bit deeper with the idea of a Gratitude Adjustment.  Here’s 7:

  • I do _____________ better than anyone in my family.
  • _____________________ has been a source of joy for me.
  • I recovered from _________________________ .
  • I appreciate __________________ that I realize many people take for granted.
  • _________________________ makes me laugh.
  • I learned ______________________ from this struggle I am in.
  • I am wise about ___________________ because of….

Being grateful may be the most effective way to change our “attitude” and see a shift that we seek in our life.  It takes conscious effort.   Humans are wired to notice the negative, but we have the override button any time we need it.  The more we use it, the easier it is to find 🙂

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