“How can I build relationships virtually?”

This is still a question I see daily… as if virtual meetings and our “new normal” of less in-person everything (our hybrid meetings won’t be going away anytime soon) make us less human. We still have the desire to be seen, heard and spoken to.

Personal touches are gold… and with customer service in most industries being at an all time low, anywhere that personal attention can be given is an opportunity to stand out. Reaching out to nurture current relationships with great content that is relevant is important as well… through e mail newsletters, social media etc. Podcasting is a great way to stay top of mind and deliver great content… always offer a call to action … an opportunity to go further with what you offer.

If you are starting a podcast with video, virtually speaking or leading meetings and would like to knock it out of the park every time,  let’s chat. It’s my pleasure to help brilliant leaders stand out authentically on camera and off.