It may sound a bit odd to some when I say that I help people find their voice, hone their message and make a difference in the world through speaking, video and extraordinary presentations.  Oh, that’s not the odd part: the head tilt sometimes occurs when I mention my new co-coaches are equines.   It’s then that I feel prompted to explain why this works so well. It may feel like magic, but it is based in science. For instance:

You may be familiar with the common belief is that 55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words spoken (Albert Mehrabian, Nonverbal Communication)

So, that means that 93% of communication is non-verbal. While that varies in some circumstances, we generally hold that as true.

The best way to understand the impact body language and energy has on relationships is to spend time in relationship with a horse.  They represent a 1200 lb billboard that shows you how you show up in the world, without either of you saying a word.

Horses obviously don’t speak our language, yet they communicate within the herd extremely effectively through body language.  To the untrained eye, sometimes these “conversations” are almost imperceptible, even though they are almost continually happening, through ear movement, tail swishes and more obvious shifting of weight in their space.

Because of this ability of the horse to pick up on minute body signals, and their awareness of energy (Predatory verses not) they have managed to exist as a species for over 55 million years. (We are babies at only 200,000 years on earth).  It is this perception and their brutal honesty in reaction to shifts in energy that show us the effects of our actions and authenticity when we work with them in partnership in an Equine Coaching arena. Thanks to their size, we can see this clearly and almost instantly.

We see what results from our actions and energy, then we shift what doesn’t work and can see the results of that transformation in real time.

That is why I refer to my horses as the best coaches ever, and why I now include them as part of my executive communication and presentation training.

When we take the lessons from the arena and move that transformed behavior into real-life the effects can be wonderfully dramatic in work and personal relationships.

  • Leaders learn to learn with compassion and awareness that creates a healthier work environment for all.
  • Boundaries in relationships can be strengthened to create a feeling of emotional safety.
  • Voices can be strengthened and confidence empowered once you get a large animal to agree to work with you!
  • Intuition is made more clear helping in decision-making.
  • Get reacquainted with the feeling of being simply present and not overwhelmed by circumstances.
  • So many more possibilities….

So many stories of success and inspiration!

If you’d like to see for yourself what this experience can do, join me the morning of October 12th for an Intro to Charismatic Cowgirl Equine Coaching at my farm.  I have set a “pay-what-you-can” fee structure for this event.  I did this so there would be nothing in your way.  If you feel this might be a benefit to you, I’d love to have you join in! so pay 20.00.  50.00. or 90.00.  (My comparable events have been priced at 199.00).  There is no judgement or reflection on you, simply pay what you feel is right.

I look forward to seeing you and getting to introduce you to the herd!

More info and sign up here: