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Our first HAPPY Hour we have TWO guest of honor from the entertainment world: 

Katie Love Comedian, Author, writer coach and comedy show producer of The Laugh Gallery with Not Real Art.  She may be hard to control, but that’s part of the fun!
(I fear she will tell old stories that may incriminate me!  LOL)
Check her out at

We have a second guest of honor on our kick off HAPPY Hour:  Celebrity Stuntman, Allen Robinson.  From Forest Gump to The Mule, Allen has been crashing for cash for over 30 years, been indoctrinated into the Hollywood Stuntman Hall Of Fame, and nominated for Sag and Taurus awards for his incredible body of work.
Check him out at 

It will be a very entertaining hour!

You are invited to our
Exclusive Virtual
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March 26th 5:30pm-6:30pm CST
This will be our first intimate HAPPY Hour where you can sit at home, coronavirus safe, with a beverage of your choice.  Join in
 a live conversation with a special invited guest.  Our focus is on positivity, productivity, and tips on how to be in the right mindset to receive opportunities and insights  for forward movement in your life.  Make some friends, be inspired and get ideas from everyone in the discussion!
We are limiting the room to only a few, since everyone  attending is asked to contribute to the conversation.
** Imagine:  You are walking into a private room to where you have been personally invited  as a guest to join a special intimate gathering hosting  someone you’d love to meet, and you get to chat with a bunch of really cool people in this room, too!  Oh.. and you’re favorite beverage is in your hand, and you don’t have to tip anyone! Bonus!
The MOST Important Exclusive Virtual HAPPY Hour! Ever

We need connection.  We need laughter.  We need restoration and relief from stress.

We need these things more than ever right now.

It was our plan to have a Virtual Happy hour before everyone was talking about quarantines and 6 feet of separation… now, I am absolutely excited to be able to mimic some normalcy in our lives and bring that connection we need at this time.

To bring light and laughter... maybe insight and even opportunities  for your biz from conversations with other folks that are able to join us in the HAPPY Hour room, but the focus is on the H-A-P-P-Y!

We will have a special guest each HAPPY Hour, but this is not an interview and audience… it’s a HAPPY HOUR.

Here’s how it works.
We meet in our online room, wear your PJ’s or doll up (please wear something at least from the waist up), pour a glass of happiness, or pop a top and settle in.  You will be on video with all of us, as though we were all in the room together! That’s why access is limited!
Our guest of honor may be from the Podcast (Elevate with Sandra Dee, officially launching this month!) or our special guest may be someone that I have the privilege of having in my inner circle and I just KNOW they would be a someone willing to give us their uplifting story, insights, tips or just make us laugh!

Some hints for upcoming guests of honor at our Happy Hours:

They may be Famous, they may be successful, they may be from TV or they may be responsible for a bestselling book (or several). They may have invented something cool, discovered life-saving health research or helped people re-invent their lives.

No wall flowers here! Please come ready to engage with the guest of honor and others.  We all need a bit o’ HAPPY! Don’t miss this. 🙂
Small non-refundable cover charge to save your spot in this exclusive interactive setting