Feminine Today 

There is a global shift happening, and we cannot help but to be aware of it; it’s a Feminine Awareness or Feminine Movement.

In the workplace, we see a needed push for equality in pay for women… so often though; there seems to be a complete lack of the natural feminine softness in this very movement that pushes females to the forefront.

It’s true that after years of suppression of women and feminine values worldwide, and we need to balance what has been so out of whack for so long.

At the same time, we are feeling the need to re-introduce a heart-centered approach to problem solving. That statement may sound “soft” or esoteric to some, but an adjustment can counter some of the damage being done.

We have become mechanical in our approach to life; we’ve been taught to push down emotion, override our intuition and use intellect, relying only on cognitive thinking. Along with that we are trained by society to push our bodies like they are machines, medicating in order to keep going. Resulting in increased preventable illness, both physical and mental (a significant rise in addictions and depression, for example). (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/our-changing-culture/201510/are-mental-health-issues-the-rise)

We have created a chasm between society and the natural world. (Interesting that some people refer to Mother Nature as the supreme form of feminine energy). We have forgotten that we are part of that natural world. We do not thrive when out of sync with its rhythm. It’s nearly impossible to live in our truth when we are engulfed by human-created chaos. We forget who we are.

For me, God speaks through nature.

Thus, Nature is True.
Nature is in Constant Balance.
Nature is Evident. The natural world is a constant reminder that all energy creates change. Every movement and even every thought creates an effect. Butterflies wings create a small wind felt by a passing bird, which adjusts his flight just slightly, but that energy eventually rolls into a storm wind miles and miles away. Nothing happens in a vacuum in nature. How silly it is to think we can separate ourselves from the natural world as though we are not part of creation?

Do you feel what is missing?

If you are feeling a tug on the inside as you read this, it may be time for you to incorporate a bit more of the natural world into your daily awareness.

It’s not hard to do, even if you are a city dweller, and the payoff is worth it. Here are some suggestions:

  • Take a mindful pause in your walk. It might be your walk for exercise or your daily walk from the parking garage, but pause, take a breath and search for something peaceful that can feed you as you start your day. It may be a bird, a breeze, a flower or a passing cloud. For just that one breath’s time, block out everything except that peaceful thing. If you look, the natural world will have a gift like this for you every day!
  • Let the breeze in. When I am speaking to a room of 100 people, I’ll ask who has a sunroof in their car; usually about 70 hands go up. Then I ask who has never opened it. Shockingly, about 1/3 of those people admitted they never felt the air or sun through the sunroof. When did we become so accustomed to feeling only “conditioned” air? Even for a moment, forget about making a call on your Bluetooth, open a window or if you feel brave, the sunroof and feel the temperature and texture of the air. Is it hot, cool, light, or heavy with moisture? Tune in. Feel the moment. Remember there is a world outside of your e-mails and to do list.
  • Plan an excursion. Okay, this is a bit more commitment! Grab your dog, or a friend and plan a hike, an overnight stay in the mountains or walk at the beach. Even a short outdoor adventure can create the mental and physical rewards of a mini-vacation, opening the energetic channels to allow flow of compassion, empathy and joy. It’s a “re-set” for your system! (see http://charismaoncamera.com/knock-it-off-already/)

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