Sandra-Dee-RobinsonIt’s the end of the weekend and I had a couple of seconds, so I thought I’d share them with you and get some feedback on this topic!

I love to ask people,  “What were you doing at six years or seven old that made time stand still?”   I LOVE to hear the answers! What fun to see people visit their childhood joys!

(Think about that for yourself.. what were you doing at six or seven years old that lit you up? )

I then will ask if they are still doing it somehow in their adult life today? What I’ve discovered is that the people that are still doing their childhood joyous activity in some way, or visiting their favorite places in their adult lives are usually the happier people in the room!

I know I was the least happy in my life when I was the farthest from my favorite childhood things.. Nature, always outside, like I am now,  creativity (I loved to draw) and animals. (I’m not a good city dweller!)   We didn’t have pets, so I’d borrow other peoples! I was drawing, sketching all the time. These drawing pencils were my favorite toys. When I was the least happy in my life I wasn’t celebrating my creativity at all.

What were you doing at 6 years old that made time stand still? At that age we know what we are good at (our strengths)  we know our passions (our favorite things) and no one has told us “no”.. we have not been told we cannot celebrate who we are yet.  So… What about you? Are you still doing some form of that activity as an adult? Do you think it makes you happier?

Maybe you realize that you miss that activity and can start to plan to incorporate it in your schedule starting now!

Happy people are more productive, less stressed, and more charismatic! They have an easier time of connecting with others and are perceived as more confident. See, this happiness stuff is not just fluff 😉