I recently heard a business associate tell a story of his teenage years when his plan for his life was threatened by a tumor. The type of tumor was rare, and the operation was tricky. He was told that he would most likely lose sensation in his face, and likely partial paralysis of his tongue and mouth. He was devastated at the time. By chance, he walked into the office of a surgeon who had spent years of research on this exact type of tumor! Yes, the surgery still had the risks, but he was in the best hands possible! My friend focused on the possibilities of success, although they were slim. At the same time, he was prepared to give up on his dreams if it was necessary.

His passion was singing, and he was training every day to be able to make that his life career. He would be heartbroken if that wasn’t possible. But he was prepared.

The surgery was an incredible success. Prayers were answered and he recovered completely. He went on to continue his vocal training and become an accomplished Opera singer!

He explained how different his performances are after coming so close to the loss of it all; he used to take for granted standing in front of the orchestra with the vibrations of the music surging through his body. He now relishes every second.

He is told that he doesn’t stop smiling when he is in front of the audience, and he says it’s because he feels it is such an honor to be given the seat between the conductor, the audience and the musicians.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t share that story, and I encourage him to! Sometimes God has to reframe situations for us so we can get a different perspective.

Coaches help us to reframe situations, of course, and I am honored that I have that position in people’s lives when I work. What I do doesn’t compare to the what you can do with the power of your story, your experiences.

Look at all you have accomplished, what you have overcome and don’t be afraid to share it. You have the magic to change someone else’s perspective with your story.
(I’m always here to help.)