Courage is a Commitment

Who doesn’t need more courage somewhere in their life?

I saw a definition of courage this week that stuck with me and to paraphrase,

“Courage is a commitment to work through the fear and accomplish a goal.”

When we think back on the moments in life that we overcame fear to make something happen there certainly was a moment we committed! It was a no-turning-back, here-we-go commitment second!  Just one second for that decision and everything changed!

Like the first time on a snowboard; once that board is facing down the mountain and you give a shove, you are committed to get to the bottom of that hill!  On the first day it may not have been pretty, (I know my first run wasn’t!)  but when you reached the bottom, didn’t it feel great? You had a different perspective and a new skill you’d started to incorporate… you were different than you were at the top!

Where have you overcome fear by committing to the end goal?

I also remember the first time repelling (I had a terrible fear of falling… so what better to do, I thought, than toss myself off a cliff… backwards. !?).    The commitment came when I took that first step off the top rock: Suspended in mid air in my harness, I knew there was no going back!  Touching ground at the  bottom of that mountain I was elated, energized and empowered that I was able to make that happen!

Now, where in your life can you commit to push past fear and make something happen?   What’s that something that could take you to a better place in life or business?

It could be a new sport, like surfing!  Or, Running a race.  It might be a new relationship; maybe asking that someone out that you’ve been thinking about for a while now…  It could be public speaking or getting on video or TV for your business (I know where you can find support for that!

Imagine the elation, the empowerment and the feeling of accomplishment once that goal is reached.  Feel it, then commit.  You know what it feels like.  It just takes a second.

Watch Sandra’s video on this topic!



Sandra Dee RobinsonThe media has titled Sandra Dee Robinson, the “Charisma Coach.” In  2010, Sandra Dee founded Charisma on Camera, guiding sales forces and experts around the globe to develop authentic power behind their personal presence and communication skills.  She has become an international speaker, author and TV host.

As an actress she portrayed major roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and many prime time shows as well.  Currently, Sandra Dee applies her decades of studies on human and animal behavior in unique events known as, Charismatic Cowgirl™ retreats. Here, nature, and specifically horses, transform women’s perception of the world around them, and their abilities to make improvements within it.