As women it’s not always easy to feel connection and support from other women, although we long for it.

It’s necessary.

If we are to make a difference and lead with compassion and empathy, two of our most powerful feminine gifts, we cannot do it alone.

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Program Begins August 2020

So much in our modern society has taught us to be separate from each other. Images of strong seemingly independent women conquering the world drive us to take on sometimes more than we can handle in our family, community and work obligations.

The result is overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration, depression and sometimes, despite a full calendar of events, a sense of loneliness.  In this state, we lose our joy and our ability to be productive and present!

A Tribe of Female Leaders to Support Each Other

Some of what I hear:

  • I’m burned out and I don’t want to feel this way again.
  • In relationships, I feel people take advantage of me.
  • I see patterns in my life, but I don’t know why.
  • My romantic life is a challenge.
  • I feel lost sometimes.
  • I can’t remember when I last took time for myself.
  • I set goals to accomplish, but something always happens and I put myself last in importance.

I see women that have come to my coaching retreats and I have seen the sparks of what some might call a sisterhood.  It’s funny, I never thought I would use that word, but it is fitting to describe this tribe of female leaders that recognize the emotional safety of the environment and without fail, come to support each other in honest and vulnerable friendship.

We women need to feel supported to stay happy, healthy and productive!

Now, there is a way to have this connection outside of the arena at my farm!

Continued Connection Mentorship is not a strict curriculum of teaching modules, but rather it is designed to support you wherever you currently are in your life and business.

The six month program includes :

Bi-monthly LIVE Q and A sessions and regular videos with lessons from the horses. Come with me into the natural world to experience balance and leadership in ways that can be applied to enrich your daily work and personal communication.  All video calls are recorded and stored for member viewing, and if you cannot be live on the call, you may submit a question via e mail beforehand.

One onboarding session (in person or virtual if necessary) with Sandra Dee to start the year with intention and clarity! (Value: $499.00)

One private session with Sandra (in person or virtual if necessary) in your 5th month.  (A $499.00 value)

Discounted private sessions, with horses or without, if you desire a private session your cost is just $150.00 each (regular session pricing is $499!)

Invitations to live social events throughout the year. (Wine and Equine , anybody? 🙂)

Priority booking for VIP days.  As a member of Continued Connection you have priority when booking a VIP day with Sandra.  VIP days are done in person at Genesis Farm in the Hill Country near Austin Texas.  Work with an equine partner is usually an important part of this day, although all VIP days are customized to your needs.

Join Now!

Program Begins August 2020

Please only register if you can participate, although you are not expected to make every call, of course.

If you join and in the first month you don’t see the value, I’ll return your funds.  I am that sure this is going to create a space of grounding and support for you if you allow it.