Top 5 Comfort Tips for Speakers
Comfort and confidence are the
foundation for speaking mastery!
Will taking your speaking to the next level be pushing you out of your comfort zone?
(Pssst: All the good stuff is on the other side)

It’s time to create that personal presence that will propel your dreams and vision into reality.
I know it’s not often that people associate comfort with public speaking…

And that is exactly why I have created this mini-training video for you!

I know it’s possible to go from any level of trepidation about speaking publicly to being in control, feeling powerful in your presence and increasing revenue. ALL while being authentically you and even having FUN!

Truly. I know.

Years ago, when I was handed a microphone to speak, I used to mentally black out (once, literally!)

My insides would shake, then my voice, then my knees…it seemed like torture.

I felt powerless to control my fear and I just wanted to find a quick remedy so I could look like those speakers I saw that oozed charisma.

Heck, I could barely say my name. To make things worse for me, there were expectations that I would be savvy on stage, after all, I was a working actress, seen on TV every single day!

But, the reality was, I felt comfortable hiding behind those characters and being just me in front of people… that was a struggle.

It took some time, coaching, and dedication, but speaking has become the NUMBER ONE way I gain new clients, and build business and community.

And... now I love it. You can, too.

Chances are, you are in a better headspace than I was back then, so that is why I KNOW these tips, that you can use immediately, will help you create a strong foundation from which you can become a masterful speaker.

Comfort and confidence come before performance in my coaching, every time. Foundation first.

Why now?

Because the world is waiting for what you’ve got! They need it yesterday.

It hurts my heart to see a brilliant human shrink back from speaking, when it can be the most valuable skill you will ever learn to build your business and expand your influence.

Every day you play small costs you time and pushes your goals farther away.

What’s in this mini-training video and accompanying PDF?

These 5 tips are the most repeated tips in all the years I have been helping people communicate from stages of every size.

No matter your field of expertise, these will shorten your journey to speaking success.

Let’s get started! 

Who is Sandra Dee?

Sandra Dee Robinson started her first career at the age of 11. She became established with major roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, The Bay and guest starred on many prime time shows and films, like CSI Miami, Criminal Minds and Two and a Half Men… among others. 

While still portraying her role in Daytime TV, she began training TV hosts, and then professionals and experts to feel and look amazing in videos, on TV and public speaking from all size stages.

Sandra Dee founded Charisma on Camera coaching in 2010 and in 2018 she expanded her communication and leadership training, even adding exclusive nature-based trainings with horses. Hence, Horsepowered Consulting was born

Her mission in all her work is to illuminate the path for people to fully express all they are Designed to be.