​​​Coaching Package Options
All private coaching programs are customized and may include any of the following, based on the priority of your personal and business goals:

Branding with Archetypes assessment and/ or Winslow strength assessment. Target market clarification, message creation for video, creation of signature talk, interview or a specific business presentation that is upcoming.  Coaching on slide creation for presentation.  Mastering stage for presentation, on camera skills, niche development, 30 second “pitch”, Creation of your personal story for your business, money mindset, client attraction strategy, strengthening leadership and communication skills.

(PLATINUM and DIAMOND clients have an option to use a session slot for equine-assisted coaching as part of the package. Travel to Austin Texas is required and not included in the coaching fee, although we are happy to offer lodging recommendations.)

*On set support, including coaching, direction and production is offered as a potential service to private coaching clients, and may require the use of two session (or more) and additional travel expenses if needed.
Sandra Dee Robinson
"Own the magnificence inside of you and the world will react accordingly.
You’ve already got what it takes.  It’s your time.”

​​​​​​​- SDR