Sandra Dee’s Equine-Assisted Learning /Coaching Retreats

If you are looking for the most refreshing and engaging way to raise personal potential, communicate more clearly and lead effectively, you are in the right place!

Horsepowered Equine Coaching Retreats (and the Charismatic Cowgirl, all female group trainings) are a natural way for small corporate teams, friends or families to experience a new and different perspective on personal and group leadership, relationships and body language!

No riding, all work is done on the ground, and no horse experience is required.

Ready to think outside of the box (or just outside!) for your group outing?

Here’s a few things you can expect:

  • Increase group coherency by emphasizing personal communication strengths within the team.
  • Encourage mindfulness. Practice being present and aware.
  • Decompress and relieve stress by simply being in nature.
  • Understand how energy and body language communicates to others.
  • Awaken creative thinking as your team works together with an equine partner to accomplish a mission.
  • Overcome fears and increase confidence
  • Polish intuition and compassion by working with a partner that doesn’t speak your language.
  • And, have FUN!

It may be challenging at times, but it is always honest because that is all horses know how to be.

Your day includes continental breakfast, and a healthy chef’s lunch. Each guest may also receive a journal or a parting gift.

You let us know what works for you! All retreat days are customized.

Please call or schedule a call now to learn more and tell us about your group.

— Registration by phone: 512-945-3002

A percentage of sales of workshops and retreats will go to support Spirit Reins, an equine assisted therapy center in central Texas that is setting the standards for mental care for children and families affected by trauma.

Why Horses?

Because of this ability of the horse to pick up on minute body signals, and their awareness of energy (Predatory verses not) they have managed to exist as a species for over 55 million years. (We are babies at only 200,000 years on earth).  It is this perception and their brutal honesty in reaction to shifts in energy that show us the effects of our actions and authenticity when we work with them in partnership in an Equine Coaching arena. Thanks to their size, we can see this clearly and almost instantly.

We see what results from our actions and energy, then we shift what doesn’t work and can see the results of that transformation in real time.

That is why I refer to my horses as the best coaches ever, and why I now include them as part of my executive communication and presentation training.

When we take the lessons from the arena and move that transformed behavior into real-life the effects can be wonderfully dramatic in work and personal relationships.

  • Leaders learn to learn with compassion and awareness that creates a healthier work environment for all.
  • Boundaries in relationships can be strengthened to create a feeling of emotional safety.
  • Voices can be strengthened and confidence empowered once you get a large animal to agree to work with you!
  • Intuition is made more clear helping in decision-making.
  • Get reacquainted with the feeling of being simply present and not overwhelmed by circumstances.

Here what others have to say…

All retreat days are customized to fit your group’s needs.

Please call or schedule a call now to learn more and tell us about your group.

— Registration by phone: 512-945-3002

Location:  A farm located in Hill Country, 40 minutes outside of Austin, Texas.

There is lodging available nearby as well as wineries, distilleries and shopping.

A list of hotels and private Air B and B’s can be provided.

We look forward to your group meeting the herd!

I was wanting to face my fear of horses that I had from a Traumatic event when I was a young girl. And then I had an extraordinary experience at the Charismatic Cowgirl event with Sandra Dee and now I am forever changed and restored to the love of horses that I once knew many years ago. But even more than that I discovered through my communion with the horse that the lack of self-confidence in many areas of my life- was robbing me of my joy. Thank you Sandra Dee for this amazing opportunity, for not only me, but for anyone who is lacking confidence in any area of their life- this opportunity is truly transformational!!            –KR

Thank you! I found my voice! I’ve learned to deal with difficult people.
I’ve changed the dynamics.

–Wendy C., Business Coordinator

I had such a revelation! I have already shared my experience with others so many times… sometimes we need to lead from the front, but others, we lead from the back, and then remember to back off and let them fly. I’ve been working too hard!

—Megan C., Chief Communications Officer

It’s amazing!…I am still seeing new things learned from those horses every day!

–Di K., Insurance Executive

“I’ve been studying these animals and others as well since I could read! I’ve worked closely with wildlife, exotics and good ‘ol domesticated dogs and cats. I am still fascinated with what the natural world can teach us, if we know how to listen properly.

Now, I’m thrilled to have the honor to provide the opportunity for others to experience this life-changing wisdom that comes from nature in the form of majestic and yet so perceptive, horses.”

– Sandra Dee