I had a few seconds so I thought I’d share them with you!

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about “character.” We may not talk about personal character much, but we make judgments on it every day.

What does character mean to you?

If you could describe character in one word, what would it be? I’ve asked this lately and have had some great responses, like, “Integrity,” “Dignity,” and “Kindness.”

In a conversation this week with a business consultant, when I asked how much his fee was to “celebritize” a client online (his particular specialty) he said it was “$XX”, but if he found someone that had good… (he went on to describe character)… he would front the costs and allow them to pay once they saw success financially. So I wondered, what in his mind, was the definition of good (verses bad) character? Was it the same as mine?

Chances are, if you are a coach or consultant, you’ve probably done the same thing; given a break in price to someone, or have done something extra for them because of how they showed up — their good character. What was it for you? Was it kindness? Integrity?

I think we all try to have good character, but do we voice our appreciation of good character in others?

This is why this is so on my mind right now…

I’ve been reading this book by David Brooks, a columnist for the New York Times, and the book is called “The Road To Character.” In it he mentions the change in character from 30, 40 or 50 years ago to now. It’s easy to look at our news headlines and see this change. I’m not talking about the crazy political environment right now, but looking at the past three or fours years. Who is at the top of the news and for what?

Some people may say that’s the media feeding us the “news” but, quite honestly, it is also determined by what we tell them we like to see.

So why are we attracted to things that show bad character yet don’t want it in our personal lives?

Maybe we can start to shift our attention to good character traits instead of just the attention getting media headline material. Let someone know this week you appreciate their good qualities. It’s a nice thing to do and we may just start an awareness of what we really value, and perhaps create that shift!

Let me know what your ONE WORD is to describe character…

Even if it is integrity or dignity, like I mentioned, go ahead and leave it in a comment below. It will be a great list for us to peruse and pull from as we try to show even more of those qualities in ourselves this week!

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