Breaking Up with Comparison

Crying in the Castle Bathroom

There is a thief I feel I should warn you about.

He is waiting for any opportunity to steal your happiness, blessings and future success if you let him.   So keep an eye out.  He visits everyone.

Sometimes he can be found lurking at the window waiting to make his move, but surprisingly, some people will mistakenly invite him in and give him a seat at the table!

The thief has a name: it’s  Comparison.

He’s clever.  His entrance is not always as obvious as when he dances through a “friend’s” Facebook Highlight Reel.  Sometimes he slips in when someone we know gets blessed, with a new job, a new home, fancy car or… an amazing wedding… when you are frustratingly single.

That last one was me when watched my good friend marry her handsome fiance

At a castle.

In the French Countryside.

Complete with Fireworks.

It was an exceptional celebration, although I did miss moments throughout the evening;

I was hiding in the bathroom.

The second stall on the left was my crying stall. Somehow it was always available when I walked in for my personal pity-party.  This was the lowest point of my singlehood.  I was watching someone else get what I dreamed of.  I was sad and, yet, I was truly happy for her (Captured for posterity as I ugly-cried this into the camera for the wedding video).

I even felt shame over being the only single over 12 years old at the reception.

Heck, even Comparison had a date: he was arm in arm with Shame!

Comparison was holding me back from being happy, and I was starting to get angry. That’s how this thief works. His mission is to keep us from becoming what we are Designed to be.  He knows that if he keeps our attention our minds will continue to focus on what we lack.  That will keep us from recognizing that what we desire already exists and is available to us.

The next morning as I left my castle room and the crying stall behind, I vowed to lock Comparison out.

Changed the key.

No more access.

We were done.

I would not spend another second trying to make life work with him.

In fact, I decided to celebrate my single life. I absolutely let go of my expectations of My Prince on a white horse and settled, quite contentedly, into earlier evenings with my cat and my favorite foods.  I worked out and got plenty of sleep. I watched my favorite shows and lit the fireplace just for ME. What happened?  I remembered that I am pretty OK with myself. Life is good.

I went on the first date with my future husband three weeks after I said goodbye to my castle crying stall.

Just three weeks.

I know God’s plan was set in action once I broke up completely with Comparison.

He still tries to visit. Comparison can be relentless.  I recognize him quickly now and immediately escort him out.

In his seat now is Thankfulness.  She is SO much easier to get along with.  Much less drama!

I encourage you to invite Thankfulness to sit at your table.

She may seem sweet, but I will tell you, I have seen her kick Comparison’s  **ss!   Don’t underestimate her 🙂