How to Find Stillness and Perspective (No virus will take your peace)

2020-03-19T12:24:01-05:00Courage, Empowerment, Happiness, Stress|

Many of us awoke today into stress and worry. Understandable. There are a LOT of unknowns, changes to our normal routines, lack of income, revenue for people and businesses of all sizes.  It can be [...]

How we can recognize an invitation to shift our perspective (Beau and the Butterfly)

2020-03-13T12:38:27-05:00Confidence, Perspective, Transformation|

Yesterday our new horse, a lanky Thoroughbred named, Beau took the rare opportunity to trot out an open gate and help himself to a tour of the neighborhood, with me following, of course, the entire [...]

Vulnerability And Creativity, How strong is the connection?

2020-02-10T13:19:40-06:00Courage, Creativity, Vulnerability|

Vulnerability: the permission and courage to truly be ourselves, and be open to uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure You’ve probably experienced the reinvention of yourself in some way… whether it be losing a bad habit, [...]

Are You a Victim of Social Media Toxicity?

2019-10-17T16:20:33-05:00Boundaries, Empowerment, Happiness, Millennials, Social Media|

When we look our day in a positive light, we are more productive, more creative, less stressed and even more charismatic!   One of the biggest threats to our happiness it turns out is social media. [...]

5 Elements of a Speaker Intro that will Set You Up for Success

2019-09-26T11:38:21-05:00Communication, Confidence, Presentations, Speaking|

I have noticed over the years that I have been speaking and hosting various live events that speakers often treat their Introduction as an afterthought, when in fact it is a first impression! And [...]

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