Are you lucky or intentional?Is your current state of life and business a result of “luck” “perseverance” or “Intention”?

Chances are, if you said “Luck” in any percentage, then you are living at Effect… meaning you allow outside circumstances to have the creative power over what happens in your life.  You give up control.

The option is to live with intention.  Creating your own reality and future.

Every day we make decisions and do things that are NOT in our best interest. 

So how can we become better, and do less of the stuff that doesn’t serve us and more of what does??

We become aware of how intentional we can be in all areas of our life. 

Here’s the deal, if you are not Intentional, you WILL go off and do something that is not in your best interest. Period.   It could be as simple as wasting time on Pinterest, or skipping on your gym time, or eating something that you know is not a good choice.. even spending more time in a fruitless conversation than you feel you should … like a gossip-filled conversation.

I distinctly remember one of my best friend’s parents saying to me when I was in high school, “Well, life sucks and then you die.”   I tell you, I knew nothing about self-empowerment at the time, had never heard of Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra or Zig Ziglar, but I knew, in my heart that that was NOT how I wanted to view the world… not my world.  My world was filled with possibilities! I still see it that way, and I hope I always do.  Your world is filled with possibilities that you cannot even imagine right now and if you set intention, you can create what you desire, and at times what seems impossible will happen.

Pollyanna?  I really don’t think so.  There are too many research studies on the power of our words and intentions that I absolutely don’t put this in a pure “woo woo” category.

Disclaimer: When I talk about intention and how it can be your SUPERPOWER, It really can be!  BUT, this assumes the follow up of action being taken.  Intention without action not only is fruitless, but it dishonors you. The deepest integrity is that that you have with yourself.. so honor your intention and back it up with that action.


Where can we be intentional?

Intention can apply to our conversations, personal as well as networking.  Intention can speed results  in our team building, in marketing, in every FB LIVE and photo we put out to the world of social media. Intention can even help us to dress in the morning, and change the way we handle stress, like traffic jams or rude people!

For example:

  • INTENTION For networking: “I intend to meet to business owners that I find interesting and work with the same demographic of client/ customer as me AND set up a chat with them next week to possibly become referral partners”.   ACTION:  move away from only the people you KNOW (your comfort zone) and chat with people you do NOT.    It helps to look at the event registration page (if available) and see ahead of time who looks like a good match!


  • INTENTION FOR VLOGS OR BLOGS: “ I intend to showcase my expertise in the area of _________________ for the next month, in order to attract folks to my newest program or product”. ACTION:  Strategize the content of your videos and blogs so that you build that trust and momentum.  Eliminate any distractions.  Utilize current events, but to enforce your intention


  • INTENTION FOR YOUR DAILY ATTITUDE. (Oh yes, you CAN!). “I will not give my power away to rude people or traffic jams and I will remain in a state of positivity.” ACTION:  Leave EARLY (eliminate stress) and listen to music that pumps you with good vibes, or podcasts that do the same.  Your car environment is under your control, and so is your attitude… with a clear intention. If you encounter a rude person, (oh, this is a challenging one for me!) take a breath, mentally envision a protective barrier around your personal space (It may sounds crazy, but this works!) and wish them well.  I have actually gotten to where I pray for them.  THAT does wonders!  Took me a while to get there.

Actions are not always easy (like praying for a rude person) but they are usually clear when your intention is clear.

Your confidence is fueled by your intention.  That’s your superpower at work!


“Intention” is Sandra Dee’s theme for the month of November for her online community and she is applying it to marketing as well as networking and overall well-being. The media has named her, “the Charisma Coach”: Sandra Dee Robinson is a known television actress, author, speaker, TV and radio host.  She founded Charisma on Camera in 2010 and recently launched Charismatic Cowgirl Coaching (featuring equine assisted leadership and communication  training)

She is under demand as a coach, consultant and speaker for companies, entrepreneurs, celebrities and well-established experts to help them get what they desire in life by naturally stepping into their most powerful self.