Are you feeling the effects of a less social life?

It has become evident to me in the last month or so that many people are so comfortable in their home environment that they find they are getting out much less than before the pandemic. When in locked down, I can say that I paid attention to my environment more than ever; rearranging furniture, organizing, new decor. I often would notice a random thing that I suddenly HAD to adjust, like a switching a piece of art on a wall. Usually met with an eye roll from my hubby indicating, “There she goes again.” After all this time, the space is feeling pretty good.

But am I at peace inside or more anxious?

I began to realize that I was not venturing out ( as we can here, I realize some reading this may still be restricted) nearly as much as I “should.” I found reasons to not attend gatherings further than a few miles away, and, frankly lost opportunities to meet new people. It wasn’t setting right with me.

It may be an introvert issue, I understand, but I think it’s a great time for me to keep on top of how much I am “getting out” weekly ( and I include virtually, but not only that).  Relationships are not only needed for business, but human contact and stimulating conversation is what keeps a brain healthy and keeps anxiety at bay. Oddly, many people are sharing that they have increased anxiety, and they are staying home more!

Take aways from my off the cuff writings this morning might be:

  1. Evaluate the time spent socializing for pleasure or business, does it feel right? ( Intuition test). If not, plan conversations, networking, even phone calls to old friends or an outdoor walk with a new one.  Find a healthy balance for you.
  2. The most remarkable opportunities in your future will come from someone you don’t know yet!