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Hi, I’m Sandra Dee Robinson!

Acclaimed charisma coach, actress, speaker, spokesperson, host, author, CEO, passionate equine owner and wildlife conservation advocate . . .

If I look a little familiar that’s because I’ve been a regular on daytime television for more than two decades with leading roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and now the Emmy-nominated series The Bay. Most people assume that confidence comes naturally for a soap opera star, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When people see me up on stage it’s hard for them to believe that I was once a shy girl that feared nothing more than being herself in the public speaking spotlight. I was able to hide behind characters on camera, but when it came time to promote my philanthropic passions and “be myself” I’d get stuck. When it really mattered the most I struggled to find that powerful personal presence that would connect with others.

I had a decision to make. I could be happy with the success I had achieved and accept this limitation, or I could dig deeper and uncover what it was that held me back from making the biggest impact possible.

My desire to support animal advocacy groups and conservation issues was much more important than holding on to that fear. I began a seven-year journey working with industry experts to learn where performance anxiety originates. Along the way I discovered how to transform any level of discomfort into confidence that creates a sense of “owning your space” when speaking to an audience of thousands or a single person. I became so enthralled with my studies that I ended up becoming master certified myself in a number of presentation and communication techniques.

What began as a personal journey has now become my life’s work. I have found my natural gifts and my purpose for being on this Earth – empowering and educating others so they can make a profound impact on our world. I am now honored to be a coach, consultant and speaker for many high performance companies, entrepreneurs, authors, celebrities and well-established experts that want to discover their own powerful personal presence.

In the process I have also founded two companies, Charisma on Camera and Horsepowered Consulting. Both ventures are designed to help people achieve true confidence and communicate more effectively so they can get their message out in a big way.

My experience as an actress, my work with animals and my studies with communication experts have put me in tune with how to effectively communicate so that others take the actions I want them to take. My mission in life is sharing these insights through presentations and one-on-one training with those who are ready for ultimate success.

Let’s take the journey together as I help you find the powerful personal presence you were born with!

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I created Charisma on Camera to help brilliant people facing the same big problem I overcame – getting stuck when it’s time to really connect with an audience on screen and on stage.

The techniques I’ve developed come from years of studying with top communication experts, wildlife biologists and performance coaches mixed in with personal experiences from an acting career that continues to thrive after more than two decades. My speaking engagements, seminars and one-on-one training focus on helping people:

  • Tap into their powerful personal presence.
  • See their true passion more clearly.
  • Find their unique story that connects with the video audience.
  • Create rapport when speaking to the camera.
  • Use proven strategies to come across as authentic and confident on screen.


(Featuring Charismatic Cowgirl Programs™)

Getting back to nature often creates major breakthroughs for top-level professionals that are stuck in offices or living in high stress situations all week long. My nature-based Leadership Training Clinics (Featuring Charismatic Cowgirl Programs™) are ideal for anyone that wants to understand how to build better relationships, leadership skills and confidence in all situations in a most authentic, safe and natural way.

After losing your sense of self to demands at work, home and business travel, it’s time to take a deep breath, reconnect with the support of the natural world and become more in tune with your own energy and the message it conveys.

Our headline program is Charismatic Cowgirl™, designed for success-minded women. And Horsepowered Clinics can be personalized for groups and companies (men and women). These clinics will help you:

  • Understand why others react to you the way they do.
  • Gain greater confidence to master important situations.
  • Learn how to be a better leader at work and home.
  • Discover new ways to develop healthier relationships that add to the abundance in your life.
  • Enjoy refreshing time in nature with like-minded people!

Why it Works:

  • Some people say it feels like magic – but it is actually a science!
  • Studies are now showing there is scientific proof behind the transformation we feel around horses.
  • We understand even more why for years equine-assisted therapies, both psychological and physical, have had great success!

Horses are empathetic and astute. It’s as if they were perfectly designed to allow God to speak to you through them. At our events, every person has a different experience, but always an honest and enriching one!

I’ve been a passionate animal advocate my entire life, which has greatly influenced my personal and professional goals. The power of connecting with animals is profound on many levels. In my work I have witnessed amazing transformations in children and adults when they bond with another living creature without words.

The Charismatic Cowgirl™ Events and our group training are designed to help people learn how to control their energy and communicate on the most honest level through interaction with horses. These gentle beasts are nature’s preeminent readers of energy. Horses don’t care about all the achievements you’ve made, they only understand your personal presence in that moment. These day clinics help you learn to relinquish control yet be in full command of your communication with positive energy.

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